March 18, 2010


I remember..
I still remember..
though it was a long time back,
I still have it in my stack..

I remember. .
the hands that held me whenever i walked,
with a tight hold, making sure that i never balked. .
the plans that i made without flaws,
the walls and gates i had jumped across. .

the tunes that made me dance,
the scribblings and everything i made, being referred as masterpiece at once. .
the stars i had counted and the constellations i had drawn,
the fantasies i had gone. .

the friends who sought me whenever and wherever i hid,
the teddy that all the time accompanied. .

the claps that cheered me,
the laughs for my childish jokes,
the swings that made me go high,
the accolades that made me fly. .

the clarity of my own eyes,
the acclaims for all my activities,
the food that ensured me health at the least,
the sleep that gave me the peace. .

I remember,
being active and creative,
being adventurous and humourous,
being admirable and adorable. .

I remember,
having friends, with whom fights are the only thing that doesn't last,
having well-wishers, for whom my wishes and views accounted foremost,
having an audience, to whom even my dream talk was the speech at its best. .

I remember,
being appreciated,
being successful,
being clear in mind,
and being light at heart. .

I remember,
feeling health, character. . . . and LIFE!!

But still,
i couldn't remember,
the place i had taken the diversion,
the time i had gone through the inversion. .
the moment that had upturned every single thing. .

Cos' childhood is not something to be considered as a memory or be referenced in past tense. .
it's just the precedence of our present. .
it's still what we are and who we are. .

Echoing with the strings of my heart-felt yearnings,
"Give me some sunshine,
Give me some rain,
Give me another chance,
I wanna grow up once again"

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