October 23, 2008

the feel of monotony..

there are these times when the feeling of emptiness gets inside my head..and this void feel is really bugging..
it has nothing to do with the daily schedule or activities. it is totally different..you may be doing different things in different places in altogether different environments but the internal environment in your head(or heart) is the same blank one..
it is based on how i really feel every second, regardless of what i am really doing, be it talking with people or watching tv or chatting online or etc..but the silence or blankness inside is the same and never-changing..
well..i am not sure whether it is due to boredom or difficulties in life..whether it is supposed to be positive or nogative or even neutral..and also what it feel really is..
null..void..blank..constant..isolation..empty..are the words for it..
by the way..what does the word "it" specify throughout the post???? :O :P

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