August 23, 2008

the right slap!!

this happened wen i was n my 2nd standard..during the annual examination time..
from the start of my schooling i hav ths study sessions at home during exam parents r pretty strict about studies..they wont force me to study daily but during exams t was not like to finish the portions within the specified time..
wel..i was doing ths detail type of answer(just 5 lines) for the tamil exam next day..i was trying my best to get t into my head but i jus cudn do i planned to escape 4m ths..
i pretended to sleep on my table so tht mom wud tel me to go to bed..
instead i got a tight sound slap..
10mins later, i was n my bed..finished and revisied the answer properly..
on tht day..i understood one compromise on studies..
am not the studious person..always the topper of the class..
but during exams i manage to study enough tht wud get me sum average-to-above average marks..and ths credit totally goes to tht slap and my mom who gav tht..

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Yajur said...

one tight slap :O

kewl :P