August 23, 2008

lost chances..

one of the most difficult things lies n identifying one's talents or skills within,unless the parents make their children to focus on something..

my parents too did tht but n a strange way..i was made to join n almost all the classes.. music, dance, karate, veena, art&crafts, yoga, swimming,etc..(thts t i think)..but nevr completed or qualified any of these..just got stranded up between the class schedules tht i din stop and realize wat was meant for me..

at present..the special talents or areas of interests s still being a blank space.. mayb i wud hav done better f i had taken efforts to learn all of them wen i had the chance..

now..i sketch sumtimes..i love sketchin especially wen i get the right mood..scenaries cums much better than faces(sumhow cant draw the eyes nd nose)..

and i do swimming pretty gud f the water level s around 6ft (mayb i wud do my best swimming wen sinking n a deep sea or chased by a

i still suck n classical dance..wel not my mistake..i wanted to learn western dance..i still love dancing(not classical ofcourse) and wanna b a professional n t..hmmm one of my incomplete dreams(until my family allows me to join n those classes)..

ths s y the elders say..make use of the oppurtunities wen they cum..cos u ll regret t later f u miss t..

huh..i still cudn identify them until i hav missed the oppurtunities..

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multitalented *:O *gal :)