August 25, 2008

the LIFE of life..

cant imagine a life without this..

the moment i wake up 4m sleep, i could hear the melodies of thiruvasagam or some othr devotional songs..during the bus travel,both to and from coll,music from mobile or fm s played all thro' the way..though usage of mobile and other such electronic goods s banned whithin the college campus, music cannot b done so..i could hear my friends singing n a low voice or me myself humming[singing??? not me!!] sum tunes..and most of the time sum song or the othr wud b played inside my mind[ya rite...must b related to sum music genius of the world ;)]..and back at home,my mp3 player does the job..

wel..ths happens n almost evryone's occupies such a gr8 part n our lifetime tht we might not even realise t since t s present all thro'out our journey of life..

ts uniqueness lies n the way t connects to our feelings, thoughts and moods(be t happy or a sad one)..and adds energy and spirit to the day..

above s the main factor tht gives identity to humans wit heart among othr "non-"&"un-"living beings.. the admiration and love for music s the key tht links all the people of the world and gives the healthy feel to live, love and stay united.. :)


Vignesh said...

Hey ! Really a nice post re !

Awesome.... rocking vinithra !

My Memories _|_ said...

music rock \m/
bt ur taste weird :O :P