July 10, 2012


You know, what it really means to be detached?

I have deactivated my facebook account. Unplugged a source that had the lights of bonds keep going on.

Now the power is gone, the color of lights do not seem to matter much and my eyes are getting accustomed to the dark. A Nice Feel.

Nobody really cares how we feel. It is all about how others perceive how we feel.

The times when people really wanted to keep in touch with colleagues and friends and grow their networks, both professionally and socially, isn't much obvious in this social network.
The present has seen this virtual network grow so big, all on the basis of mediocre human nature, that has brought the real purpose of networking.

Well For instance, How many of us do think about the number of likes and comments every day?
The number of "shares" for what we shared.
The size of our friend list.
The exploration of private lives of people and their relationships.

Well, most of us do. And It is quite normal. We want people to look up on us.

The survival of humanity exists in the mutual acknowledgments between fellow minds.

We wish to be recognized and we desire to be appreciated.
In this process, we also actually lose the touch with ourselves, forget to think worthy of self and the genuineness of our own thoughts that are actually invaluable.

I am well aware of some voices of disagreements, from my own mind as well as echoes from around. But then, Basic rule - Perceptions differ.

I am not generalizing my opinion. All the same, I have suspended mine , cos' I saw myself getting lost in the virtual intricacies, becoming more conscious on what I say, more concerned on the responses.

I was pretending to be happy, when I was in reality facing a dead end. 

Not the least, I saw my personal space invaded.

This is it.

If I have to rule a kingdom, I dare rule it my way.

I love it this way. This detachment from the struggle for existence in the virtual world. A kind of Rehab. 

Feel Good. :-)

However, I would be back FB-ing.

But for now,   

    Feels Good. :-)


Anupam Patra said...

Deactivated mine three days ago. The reasons - somewhat similar to yours. It had begun to lose the real significance that once it held in my life. I grew up and the relentless cycle of expectation that I got caught up in felt unnecessary. It had begun to feel like an self imposed compulsion. The final nail in the coffin came when I got an e mail telling me that someone else had accessed my account from Ohio, USA. A place about which I'd only heard. That's why when I bid adieu I mentioned that "I'm sure my friends won't mind if we just met and talked the way we did before FB was there."

Plus I discovered blogging and I realized that this is what I was looking for all this time. So together, these things pulled me out of FB.

I loved the line where you have mentioned how leaving facebook for you was like walking into darkness, bereft of all illuminating bonds, yet you like it for the fact that's a welcome change for you.

Very serenely written Vinithra. I adored it.



Vinithra. said...

Thanks Anupam.

The Purpose of Networking is sharing our thoughts, hearing out the differences and still be who we are. But FB really has a charm in getting us addicted enough to direct the way we think.
Only con is, most of my friends are not much into reading, esp blogs. Still, If we feel the person is worth then we would ultimately try to catch in some way or the other.

However, I would love it if it had been like olden days, like writing letters, putting in our time and mind and heart. :-) *old-fashion, I am*

Thanks for dropping by.
And ya, your blog is awesome.


Anupam Patra said...

Thanks for your generous appreciation. I'm old fashioned too. There is a certain degree of stability and laidbackness associated with old fashion. Inspired by that I wrote a few verses about my village, where such serenity is in abundance. I never visited my village when I was a teenager, but frequented it in my adulthood searching for the lap of nature. Read it @ http://anupampatracontemplates.blogspot.in/2012/06/village.html . I think you might like it.

And your blog is no less splendid.

Keep up the good work.

Lil Miss Sunshine said...

Welcome to the club!! I did mine a while ago and never felt so good. It was more of a mutual admiration society.

It is time when you realize that you need facebook to keep a track of your close ones.

Much respect for your points !