September 30, 2013


So Yeah, Let me start with the usual excuse.

It has been a really very long time since I penned down something, for which I could not come up with a valid reason or justification, other than

"Did not have the right mind".

I know it sounds lame, But yes, Quite true. I have not been in my right mind ("My Right Mind" = My usual genuinely super-cool crazy mind) for quite sometime.

Before I start randomly scribbling about Life and stuff as usual, I gotta say this, Saw a really Beautiful Movie today (21/09/2013), Lunch Box. Beautiful and Light. Similar to one of those times when you go to a Park and sit for a while and watch different kinds of people, Listen to music, read a book and feel good when you return back.
Irony. We work for so many high level complex things and care so much about those things that come with limited validity, Get locked up in the Basement of Monotony of the so-called safe Life which we complain about every now and then, That we ultimately get buried down there and never be able to Live up in the Home.

Big Deal. Who Cares.

Who really cares, What Life really means and Living actually is, and the VALUE of Breathing, Seeing, Feeling, Smiling, Sharing, Hugging, Laughing, and yes all those meaningless unreal abstract concepts. 

Except for some Old-fashioned Romantic Hopeless Hearts.

The cycle of Life, especially in the Conservative places of the World, has been stereo-typed to an extent that it has become like the Daily routine. "Get up, Brush, Drink Coffee, Shower, Breakfast, Off to school or work, come back, Dinner, Sleep and again the next day and Again and So on". Similarly, "Be Born, Grow, School, Grow, Serious Schooling, Teen, High School, Late Teens, College, Pass Out, Get Job, Get married, Have kids, Get Older, Get retired, and the Get your Kids onto the same Cycle ride".

Funny. We own an Expensive Car, travel around the World in first class flights and go on cruises, And all along, we have been riding a Cycle that we didn't even buy. Or for that matter, Doesn't even exist.

Guess I am more of a Hippie type. Oh Yeah, "Into the Wild" happens to be the Most favorite movie of mine.

So when my pre-conceptions about Life was Riding a Horse, A Cycle ride could never be an alternative means, be it practical or safe.

Anyways, I don't wanna go further on this. For one, Nobody's ever gonna buy the words of a free-spirited/non-conformist-self oriented-living in some other world most of the times; Secondly, I have Lost my Horse which actually turned out to be a Phoenix, and I am being gifted a Bi-Cycle which has Rocket Launcher facility with which I could go anywhere (The Marketing people keep talking to me about it all the time, cos' I have been selected in the Lucky Draw and qualified for the Bumper Prize, It seems. Ohh, Forgot to add, Can Collect the Prize with Spouse only). 

If anybody out there find my Lost Horse Grazing in your backyard, Kindly bring him back Home. A White Horse with a Horn on the Forehead. Oh, It can fly at times.


StarSriram said...

Its you who forgot the game !! :) your horse is playing hidden seek with you :) Enjoy the game ... find him soon and change the game so that he/she will never be lost :)

StarSriram said...
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Anonymous said...

Funny, people who live on the edges dont really pen the thrill it gives.

And yeah it is a cycle... it cycles around and will yearn for normalcy someday and for the edge some other day. Life sure can be enjoyed anyways, be it a hippie or a conservative one.

anusia said...

In my opinion, Life should not be wasted on thinking stuff which doesnt has no meaning. IT should be enjoyed to the fullest.