April 21, 2009


She sat by the window,
Gazing at the moonglow,
The lone light in the pitch black darkness,
Just like a mirror of her world..

Turning back to her room,
Seeing not just the comforts shine,
But also the emptiness bloom,
Nevertheless, everything looks fine..

Her eyes fell on pinky, resting on her bed,
None great but still specially cared,
Her doll from the start,
Always close to her heart..

She wonders at her little company
things keep changing and ever seems temporary,
confusing and disappointing ways,
worthless worries filling the days,
but even after a day's pressures make the day lame,
the pinky smile remains the same..
thou' fully surrounded by illusions,
the unreal eyes and unfading smile relieves all real world tensions..

perhaps it is true that...
heart and soul makes a difference..

switching off the thoughts and emotions,
she dozed off in the regular fashion.

The next day happened,
The usual routine with the same bend,
But unaware of the day being the end,
Not to her but to her lifeless friend.

She got the real shock,not the intended surprise,
Her room modernised at a high price,
That resulted in pinky being thrown,
To somewhere seemingly unknown.
She nodded an assent,
When asked about the new present.

It was the usual night,
With moon nowhere at sight,
Her room, new and pretty,
But as always empty.

She sighed at the changes,
Only word that seem to fill the pages.
Things are always temporary,
Including her little company.

She saw the mirror and smiled,
The undisputable truth came to her mind.

Perhaps it is true that..
Smile makes quite a lot of difference..

She went back to her usual nap,
Getting accustomed to the new snap.

Days rolled by at the same pace,
But an unfading smile always filled her face.

Brighter the world seemed,
Whenever she beamed.

Thus pinky lived, not in her diaries,
But in all her smiling memories..

Perhaps it is true that..
Life happens in every slightest difference..

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